Primesouth Lebanon s.a.l.

Primesouth Lebanon s.a.l., established in February 16 2016, being a sister company of Primesouth L.L.C., a US based company, has access to various technical expertise and is exposed to leading operational and QHSE standards. is specialized in the following key activities:

  • Management Services.
  • Operation and Maintenance.
  • Turbine Repair and Manufacturing Services.
  • Inspection and Upgrades.
  • Supply of Spare Parts for Power Plants.
  • Standard Technical Training.

Primesouth is currently implementing a five-year contract with Electricte Du Liban (EDL) for the operation and maintenance of two combined cycle power plants in Lebanon with a production capacity of 450 MW, each.

Details of the project include:

  • Name of the operated power Plants: Zahrani Combined Cycle Power Plant and Deir Amar Combined Cycle Power Plant.
  • Power Plants Key Components: Each power plant includes (2) gas turbines and (1) steam turbine.
  • Employee Structure: Primesouth Lebanon s.a.l. currently includes a total of three hundred employees (65% engineers and highly qualified technicians)

Key Partners

Our operations include activities with top tier companies such as Siemens, Ansaldo and AC Boilers.

Scope of Activities

Our scope includes the following key activities:

  • Day-to-day operations
  • Corrective and scheduled maintenance
  • Supply of consumables and spare parts
  • Fuel oil handling
  • Major overhauls on gas and steam turbines
  • Major overhauls of generators
  • HRSG rehabilitation

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